The Focus of EnergyPossible comes from deep concern about climate change. When we look at the way the energy was being delivered from power plant to the end users, we realize that the process of delivering energy to end customers is inefficient and costly due to high maintenance cost and dirty.

Isn’t it the perfect solution to have solar equipment just right above your roof to deliver electricity directly to your home and according to your needs and comfort?

In everything EnergyPossible does, we believe the goal is to make clean energy possible and affordable to every person, household, and businesses everywhere.

The challenges and opportunities that we have are:

To change the way we generate and consume the electricity by giving our customers a sense of independent in controlling their own electricity.

To make affordable PV system by building a massive delivery mechanism.

To make a peace of mind for our client by constantly focus on innovation, improvement and solar system monitoring to ensure optimum performance. Which are happening to accelerate the adoption of solar PV system and becoming the mainstream power source for all the people in the world.

With our core competencies – in depth know-hows, advanced technologies and excellent customer supports, we are confident in providing the best solar solutions and best customers service experience to support you in harvesting clean and affordable electricity that will save you money.

We are a qualified Service Provider in Malaysia approved by Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA) and also a member of Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA).

We offer services such as Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (GCPV) for Feed-in Tarrif (FiT) and Stand-alone Photovoltaic design, planning, and installation. Energy Possible Sdn. Bhd. also involves in R&D in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency related products. We are passionate in science and technology and we believe by training the young generation to spark new idea that can change the way our world works, lives, play and learns.

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