The market volume of the business of FiT is vast in Malaysia where every building is our target. Much focus will go to residential house owner due to more people can participate in FiT program that currently promote by government through SEDA Malaysia.
Energy Possible Sdn. Bhd. as Service Provider (SP) company specialize in Solar Engineering that adopt a best practice policy in consultation, quota application from policy maker, procurement, storage, installation, maintenance and servicing.
We provide financial loan to our customers. Our main goal is to make more people can invest Solar PV without paying single money or paying a little as possible. Please Contact Us for more information.
Get Free Quote! It’s Possible! To generate an income of more than RM300,000! on Your Roof 

Earn RM600/month Passively for 21 years via Feed-in Tariff

Energy Possible Sdn. Bhd. constitute of some young engineer who are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate to work together with individual, society, company, big corporation and country in reducing carbon footprint and increase energy security of country. We are supported by a strong and established Company (WPGSYS Sdn. Bhd.) with relevant technical experience to work together and share experience in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

Why Feed-in Tariff?

Do you know if you install a unit of solar system, the utility companies will pay you monthly? Do you know that Feed-in Tariff (FiT) is campaigning by governments all over the world? Do you know FiT tariff you will receive works out to two times more than the rate you are paying to TNB now. So, quota of FiT is limited. Kindly contact us in soonest time to reserve the quota..

  • Generation Tariff: TNB will pay you monthly base on the kWh that generated from your FiT system
  • Consumption Tariff: The existing bill will still remain as same.
  • Energy bill saving: You can off-set your monthly bill from FiT income.

Why Choose Us?

  • Free one year PV system ALL RISK Insurance
  • Free energy monitoring device for our customers
  • Free first years maintenance service, 1. Energy monitoring service (system healthiness) 2. Once panel Cleaning 3. Site visit when system go wrong (peninsular Malaysia)
  • MS 2440 Design, Installation, Maintenance and Inspection of PV Mounting System
  • MS 1837:2010 Installation of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (PV) System
  • Service of Solar Financing Sell Back The Electricity To TNB Malaysia and Get Passive Income From Sunlight!


Recent Completed Feed-in-Tariff Projects

Energy Possible Sdn. Bhd. is a pioneer in the FiT (Feed-in-Tariff) field to initiate  the technology of Solar Power and associated with a team of professional researchers. Not only about theory, here are some of the practical knowledge and experience to keep us growing and provide the best service!

Japan Eco House (Site Visit)

Japan Eco House Solar System

Pulai Flora, Johor

Grid-Connected PV 2.43kWp system

Bukit Indah, Johor

Grid-connected PV system 11.34kWp

UTM Smart House

UTM smart house Integration (energy balance concept)

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Grid-Connected PV 12.0kWp System


Hybrid PV system 4.86kWp

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